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The next step for Eva and Fong?

3 months ago, I convinced my girlfriend and sister (Fong and Eva, respectively) to spend their summer vacation with me in San Francisco and interact with the tech community. “Screw summer school, they waste your time”, I told them. I lured them in by offering to teach them enough programming so they can code up any ideas they have. They exceeded my expectations.

I’ve taught programming classes before, and through failures I learned how to break things down so programming can be very easy to absorb. If you’re learning coding too, here is the curriculum that I came up with for Fong and Eva to follow through in the past two months.

It has been a wild couple of weeks, and they finished three products together:
FileBeam (Waiting for approval)

This summer ended really well for both of them, they won first place in the Mobile App Conference. I could not have been more proud:


Now, Eva is going back to a world of College Apps and AP tests in High School.
Fong is going back to school to College to complete her major in Stats.

They have graduated from my summer codecamp and they are more than capable to build their own web/mobile apps when they think of an idea.

But they wanted some suggestions about the next steps for their programming journey and I honestly don’t know, so any insights are appreciated. Should they continue working on one of the three projects that they’ve built? Start a new project? Learn iOS/windows development? Should they start studying and prepare for job interviews? Is it a good idea to put programming on hold and focus on school?


To contact them directly, hit them up on Twitter: Eva and Fong


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