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NameCheap and SmorePages gives you a personal website in minutes

Today, NameCheap is offering 1-Year Domain Name Registration for $1 with coupon code WELOVEU. Offer is valid today only, go get it!

Recently, I came across SmorePages, and it’s awesome. With SmorePages, I can build a good looking site in minutes! In this blog post (assuming you just bought a domain name) I will show you how to link your Smore Page.

When you buy a domain from NameCheap, they have a field where you can enter your NameServer information. Write in these two values:



Next, you have to link your Smore Page. To do that, all you have to do is go to your Smore Page, click on settings, then fill in your new domain.

You are Done!

Good luck building your new super pretty site!

p.s. Need to check if Domain Name is available? domai.nr is SUPER useful. You’ll love it right away.

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