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I do not want to donate back to UCLA

I’m going to rant.

As much as I have enjoyed my college experience, I do not want to give back to UCLA. In all fairness I have already paid for the experience and that ridiculously expensive piece of paper. The experience came in a $40,000 package that I have struggled to pay off over the last couple of months. The college experience is more expensive that anything I have ever owned in my life and I think it’s ridiculous that I am being contacted for more money. The ONLY time UCLA reach out to me is for donations. No UCLA staff has ever contacted to see how I’m doing or to offer any services or help that a Bruin alumni might need as they step forward into the new world.

UCLA wants money. It doesn’t care about me, and when those people hang up the phone they’ll move right along and call the next alumni for money.

UCLA, if my tuition underwhelms the 4 years of experience and education I would gladly write you a large check that makes up the difference. But this is not the case.

When I buy an Apple product they don’t call me back asking for donations to improve the ‘Apple’ experience. Why should you?

And who are you to suggest a $150 donation!? Holy shit with that money I can buy 2 solid state harddrives and upgrade my desktop!

“we suggest a $150 donation…”


“what about $100?”


“fine, how money would you like to donate?”


Think of it this way, I just bought you beer. Thanks for the college experience.

Categories: rant
  • josh

    at least they waited until you were out of school before they started hounding you for money….they were calling me almost as soon as i transferred.

    • http://songz.me/ Song Zheng

      that’s because you are rich, josh.

      • josh


  • Dory

    Yeah, and that’s just alumni. They wrote my parents twice every year, too, asking for money. My parents live in Vietnam. Think about the postage cost which could have been used for the “Greatest Needs”.

    • http://songz.me/ Song Zheng

      They wrote to Vietnam asking for $? that’s crazy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/billma127 Bill Ma

    Haha I totally relate to this. I don’t plan to give back until I’m a freakin millionaire

  • Alex

    Why would you even give them a penny? That’s all they want $5 here, $5 there.

  • Nananah

    Considering all the parking tickets I donated I’m not giving a cent

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