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Cheap Korean IPS Monitor ( FSM-270 ) on OSX – Black Screen

A few days ago I came across this article about a cheap Korean IPS monitor that is super cheap. So I bought it.

It arrived, and I greedily opened up the packaging and plugged everything in. The light turned on, but nothing. The backlight is on but the screen remained black. I thought I got tricked.

Then I called my korean friend and he looked at korean forums. Turns out I needed a dual link DVI converter. Bought it from amazon and now the monitor works beautifully.

The monitor is beautiful. It’s not glossy, so it makes me love it even more.

Total cost: $457.00


To get this monitor, you need:

Monitor ($357) : http://refer.ly/aZln

Dual Link DVI Adapter ($99): http://refer.ly/aZDw

  • http://twitter.com/furtivecode Chris Lamothe

    I just bought the same monitor and tried to connect to a late 2011 13″ MacBook Air and had the same problem. Before I order the cable can you confirm that that it uses a Mini-DVI port and a USB port? The photo on Amazon is not 100% clear.

    • http://songz.me/ Song Zheng

      Sorry for the late response, but yes, the adaptor has a Mini DVI Port and a USB Port. It’s the same one I bought! ;D

  • http://twitter.com/m_lakkadshaw Mohammed Lakkadshaw

    Hi, I bought the same monitor FSM 270YG and I am connecting it using DVI-D to hdmi cable but I get a black screen and nothing else, not even backlight.
    Is there something wrong with my monitor or my graphics card.

    • http://songz.me/ Song Zheng

      I’m going to guess that the adapter that converts DVI to HDMI signal does not support dual link?

      • http://twitter.com/m_lakkadshaw Mohammed Lakkadshaw

        Does your monitor has a blue led and red led? Because when I turn on the monitor blue LED glows then after some time it turns red, and absolutely nothing happens.

  • http://maximals.ru/ MaximAL

    Sup guys.
    How can I get a monitor from eBay with NO dead pixels absolutely?
    Even one dead pixel is unacceptable for me.

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