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Quick Email Hack to reduce time spent on Email – Newsletters

I spent way too much time on email, averaging a little more than 2 hours a day (thanks to rescue time for helping me become aware). Alot of the time is spent … Continue Reading →

Trolling an iOS device

So last night I was programming with Bill, who just so happens to be very anal about his privacy. He sets a 4 digit pin on his iPad  and won’t … Continue Reading →

How to fail at marketing

I feel compelled to write this because these guys are walking down a lonely path and I don’t think they realize that. WebEx and North Korea… lol! If you check … Continue Reading →

I do not want to donate back to UCLA

I’m going to rant. As much as I have enjoyed my college experience, I do not want to give back to UCLA. In all fairness I have already paid for … Continue Reading →

NameCheap and SmorePages gives you a personal website in minutes

Today, NameCheap is offering 1-Year Domain Name Registration for $1 with coupon code WELOVEU. Offer is valid today only, go get it! Recently, I came across SmorePages, and it’s awesome. … Continue Reading →

Building with my two favorite APIs

Since I graduated with an Econ Degree from UCSD a few months ago, I’ve been coding. Last week I made a real-time video chat application using my two favorite APIs: … Continue Reading →

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Yesterday at work I was pleasantly surprised by an email from a fellow coworker: I ran to the kitchen table and grabbed my slice of free bread. It was delicious. … Continue Reading →

Print out all your saved passwords – OSX

Here’s a reason why you shouldn’t let anyone use your computer. In your terminal, type: security dump-keychain -d ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain   If your passwords starts printing out right away, that means … Continue Reading →

How my sister n my girlfriend learned to code

Like I mentioned in a previous post, Eva and Fong came up to San Francisco to learn programming with me. In this blog post I will write about how I … Continue Reading →

The next step for Eva and Fong?

3 months ago, I convinced my girlfriend and sister (Fong and Eva, respectively) to spend their summer vacation with me in San Francisco and interact with the tech community. “Screw … Continue Reading →

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